Farrelli’s Media Kit

For all media inquires, please contact Clayton Krueger:  clayton@farrellispizza.com

Farrelli’s logos are provided below for use in approved presentations and stories about our company. If you use one of the logos below you are agreeing to use the logo with the intended integrity of the design. Please do not recolor, remove any component, stretch or skew the logo.

PRO TIP:  In order to keep the dimensions of an image even while altering the size, simply hold down the shift key when dragging a corner to re-size the image proportionately.

Provided below is the Farrelli’s Main Logo in PNG and PDF formats, as well as Farrelli’s Alternate FP Logo in PDF & JPG formats.


Farrelli's Hearth Logo


Farrelli’s Alternate FP Logo (JPG)

Farrelli’s Alternate FP Logo (PDF)