Current Day Farrelli’s

BBQ Chicken PizzaEvery good organization starts with a vision.  At Farrelli’s, our vision is:

To be the best in our industry and developing caring and disciplined hospitality professionals who have been enriched to provide extraordinary, relevant and real nourishment. 

The Farrelli’s mission statement is:

To use our business system to create a vibrant working family that provides nourishment to our neighborhood.

The mission acts as a guidepost which we look to for all actions as a company.  Everything we currently do as a company works toward the end goal of our mission statement (neighborhood nourishment), guided by our values.

The seven core values of Farrelli’s are: Growth, Discipline, Integrity, Cleanliness, Quality, Appreciation, and Celebration. At Farrelli’s, these values are paramount and are ingrained in everyday business affairs. For example, the quality of our product and service are several slices above the competition and we believe that if you are not growing as a business, that you will not survive.

Over the years we have been humbled by the numerous local and national awards we have received.  We were especially honored to accept the National Neighbor Award from the National Restaurant Association in 2010, the Top Place to Work from the Business Examiner in 2014, and to win the Best Pizza category in the Best of Western Washington in 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.  These awards are affirmation that we are doing things right and doing the right things according to our staff, our customers and our communities at large.  We will continue to nourish the neighborhoods in which we operate with great Northwest Style pizza and will keep our eyes open for new neighborhoods to nourish… after all, Great People Make Great Pizza!