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Northwest Pizza


Cooked on Stone in Front of an Open Flame

We bake our pizzas in Wood Stone open flame, stone ovens at a target temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Signature Dough Made Fresh Daily

Our Signature dough is hand-rolled & proofed for a minimum of 24 hrs. It is opened with a traditional hand-tossed method for topping.

Topped with Fresh Gourmet Ingredients

We source the finest Grande cheeses, the best Stanislaus sauce, the freshest vegetables and top quality meats. We fire roast our meats & veggies every morning, filling our restaurants with a distinct aroma of quality and love.

Baking is the Process of Moving Moisture

Our pizza is topped perfectly, allowing moisture to escape from the dough. The pizza is cooked to a 20%-30% char on bottom and 10%-20% char on top. Our Pizza Artisans are trained to create “THE MOMENT” when the pizza is cooked to perfection, which may require techniques such as ‘doming’ the pie in the higher & hotter altitudes of the oven chamber just prior to being removed from the oven. Once the pizza is removed from the oven, it rests on a screen for approximately 30 seconds to allow excess moisture to escape from the top and bottom of the pizza before being placed onto a pan for slicing & serving.

The Presentation of our Pizza is Key

The pizza is adorned with any additional fresh toppings before being dressed table-side with freshly grated Grande Parmesan cheese.

Made by Northwest People, for Northwest People

This is what truly makes our pizza Northwest Style. The people of the Northwest are as unique as the landscape of the region, full of beauty and character. Northwest people work hard for a living and appreciate quality. We know how to please the people of the Northwest because we are Northwest people ourselves.